Addiction Treatment Includes
Supporting Your Body, Too

At Lakes Hughes Recovery, we believe in treating your whole person – this means ensuring your spirit, mind, and body are supported throughout your stay with us. Nutrition is an essential part of any addiction treatment program.

Ensuring you’re eating healthy food, getting your daily dose of fruits and vegetables, and adjusting for any special dietary needs you have are essential to supporting your overall health during your


Substance Abuse Disrupts Nutrition

It’s true. You may have noticed the following when using drugs or alcohol:

As your body adjusts to the physical aspects of using drugs and alcohol over time, it impacts your body. For example, you
may lose your appetite, be tired all the time, and develop other physical issues, such as a loss of energy or the inability to
process foods when you do eat. In addition, gastrointestinal disorders like ulcers, gastritis, lactose intolerance, and others
may develop as you are either too little or eating foods terrible for your health.

Lake Hughes Recovery Provides
Great Food That Tastes Great

Our goal during your recovery is to ensure you don’t worry about the little things in your life, such as where your next meal is coming from or what you should eat.

Our applicants are treated to good food from our in-house chef that tastes great and provides the nutrition your body needs as it physically recovers from drug and alcohol use.