Detox Is Your First
Step Towards Freedom

We won’t lie to our residents: detox is the worst part of rehabilitation. It keeps some applicants from reaching out for help. They’re scared of what comes next.

However, it’s also the shortest, usually lasting a week or less. Your body becomes dependent on the substances you’ve put into it; your body won’t want you to stop — the symptoms of withdrawal range from highly unpleasant to awful.

Addiction Treatment Options

Medication-Assisted Detox

Medical Detox This is typically the first stage of the addiction treatment process. Medically assisted detoxes help with this process on an as-needed basis if deemed medically necessary. During our initial assessment, our clinicians will determine the proper path for your treatment. Learn More

Inpatient Rehab

Residential Inpatient We offer fully-managed care on-site through our residential program to ensure that your needs are taken care of while you focus on yourself. Learn More

Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

Mental illnesses, like depression and anxiety, frequently accompany addiction. Our licensed staff has the expertise and experience to identify these issues with our dual-diagnosis program. We strive to provide a treatment program that promotes a healthy lifestyle for both the mind and the body. Learn More

Addiction Therapy Services

Evidence-Based Therapies Our board-certified and licensed therapists provide individual, group, and family counseling. Our team will work with you to create an individualized treatment program. Learn More

What Is Detox?

While detox may sound daunting at first, it’s one of the shortest parts of addiction treatment. Generally lasting less than a week, applicants receive support from staff members right from the very beginning. Our staff is on call to provide emotional and professional support during the process.

While withdrawal symptoms can deter many, understand that Lake Hughes Recovery would never risk your health or safety.

During intake, you will receive a full assessment from a doctor to determine if you’re ready for a non-medical detox. Professionals will monitor your health and do everything in their power to make you as comfortable as possible. The detoxification process is like getting over a bad cold.

Is Detox Necessary?

The only way to successfully begin an addiction treatment program is with detox. In a medically assisted detox, the process will be over in a matter of days. Once finished, you move into inpatient rehabilitation. Depending on your circumstances, many treatment centers like Lake Hughes Recovery offer a variety of programs to suit your unique needs, such as:

Every treatment program relies on sobriety which you can only achieve by starting with detox.

Benefits Of Our Medically Assisted
Detox In Southern California

A medically assisted detox is the fastest and most productive way to end a physical dependency on a substance. This process requires the applicant to stop using the substance altogether for approximately three to seven days. During this time, the substance will flush out of the body, and the residents will no longer have a physical dependency.

At Lake Hughes Recovery, you’ll receive 24-hour supervision and support during your detox. Our facility and professionals will ensure you are comfortable and have the help you need to complete the process. Once detox is complete, the applicant can move directly into our inpatient rehabilitation program.

Detox At Lake Hughes Recovery

Lake Hughes Recovery in California offers residents a comprehensive, relaxing, and beautiful addiction treatment experience.

Our facility and staff are with you every step of the way. We offer a range of treatment options, from medically assisted detox to aftercare. From your first day of detox until many years down the road, the connections and experiences you have at Lake Hughes Recovery will support you for life.

Addiction doesn’t have to control your life. So let today be the first day of your journey to recovery and give us a call. Lake Hughes Recovery professionals are ready to support you on your path to health and sobriety.